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New website coming soon

Please bear with us while we get ready to bring our new website to bloom. To keep up to date with what is happening at The Edible Garden Show in the...

Tickets on sale soon

We know you're keen to get your tickets booked for the 2015 event and are grateful for all your interest. We have the best visitors of any London show! The...

New for 2015

Free entry to this exciting new event for all Edible Garden Show ticket holders. You spoke and we listened. When our survey came back after the 2014...

Prince George joins the “grow-your-own”...

Little Prince George was invited to become Britain’s youngest grow-your-own enthusiast today as “granny” and “grandpa” joined thousands...

Raymond Blanc to attend The Edible...

Raymond Blanc, one of the UK’s most celebrated chefs, will be attending The Edible Garden Show on Friday, March 28, with Garden Organic to...

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