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Send your gardening questions to Paul Peacock

Writer Paul Peacock will be bringing us even more tips and advice as The Edible Garden Show's ‘Gardening Consultant.’ Put your grow-your-own query to Paul below.

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Questions to Paul

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I live on an island in the Thames and during the summer the oxbow around the island is filled with blanket weed and other invasive water weeds.... would these have the same properties as seaweed in terms for the kitchen garden? 

I am growing chillis and tomatoes in my garden greenhouse. I have heard that a garlic and citrus natural spray will help deter aphids etc do you have a recipe I could use?

For the first time last year I grew carrots in a box on my patio. They were all horrid, holed and they didn’t grow properly. What a disappointment! What can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Shirley Roundtree, Buxton.

I have a small garden in a semi detached house. I would love to keep chickens, but am afraid of attracting rats and annoying my neighbours. Can you help?

Ruth Sutton, Huddersfield

I want to grow runner beans! I tried last year and they were stringy and hopeless. What’s the secret?

George Bagshot, Poole

Each year I grow edible physalis from seed but find it too difficult to get them to ripen as it gets colder. I have no greenhouse & they can only get protection from the frost in my garden.The plants look healthy & still flowering & in fact they have grown too tall for the pots. What can I do ?

Mrs Davies, London

What is the best way to set out my new 14m x 8m allotment plot?

Malcolm Jakes

Could you please advise on the temperature needed in a greenhouse to grow exhibition show leeks & how often to pot?

Malcolm French

I have a number of problems with my lawn. It is patchy, covered with moss and is in a very shady area, can you help?

Shirley Lloyd, London

I have a goji berry, what is the best way to grow it?

Mr Wooley, Liverpool


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